Just For Her

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Birthday, Anniversary, Congratulations!, Christmas or Just Because, the perfect gift just for her.

This box contains The Beauty Chef Cookbook by Carla Oates,  Sowkh Natural Bath Cube, Bianca Lorenne reusable makeup wipes, Marmoset Found Infinity Vase, and a delicious artisan chocolate block!

1x The Beauty Chef Cookbook by Carla Oates

The Beauty Chef founder and CEO Carla Oates believes that glowing skin is an inside-out process; that beauty begins in the belly®—and therefore in your kitchen.

In this comprehensive cookbook, Carla provides more than 150 of her favourite delicious, gut-loving gluten and dairy-free recipes: food that she cooks to nourish her family and friends. With simple family meals, healthy spins on traditional dishes, time-honoured ferments, smoothies, snacks and special-occasion treats that pack a powerful nutritional punch, this is a book that makes eating well easy and enjoyable.

You’ll also find Carla's practical guide to holistic health and wellbeing, plus her tips on how to prepare food for optimal nutrition and effective digestion. - The Beauty Chef

1x Sowkh Natural Effervescent Bath Cube

The most delicious bath cubes, ideal for when things get a little stressful. Pick from six beautiful scents:

Desire, Embrace, Indulge, Nourish, Radiate, Adore.

1x Bianca Lorenne Makeup Removers

These wonderful reusable and hypoallergenic makeup removers are knitted from 100% soft cotton and are the perfect sustainable choice for removing your makeup effectively and gently.

1x Marmoset Found Infinity Vase - Small Ochre

Hand cast ribbed porcelain vase.

1x Chocolate block

Your choice of chocolate block by Shirl & Moss. Award-winning chocolate carefully handcrafted from bean to bar in Wellington, New Zealand. Small batch, sustainable single origin chocolate bars. 

  • Toasted Milk 50% Milk Chocolate Bar - Yellow
  • Single Estate 70% Dark Chocolate Bar - Green
  • Hazelnut, Orange & Sea Salt 52% Dark Chocolate Bar - Peach
  • Stoneground Espresso 67% Dark Chocolate Bar - Blue
  • Fig & Nib 70% Dark Chocolate Bar - Lilac
Hand wrapped and packaged in our re-usable Lenoir & Co. gift box with a personalised postcard.